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LASIK & Refractive Surgery

LASIK and other refractive surgeries can be beneficial procedures for many patients.  LASIK and refractive surgery like any other surgery is not without complications.  It is my job to educate you on the vast benefits of LASIK and refractive surgery like 20/20 vision without eyeglasses or contacts vs the risks such as a lifetime of dry eye, vision loss, and even suicide secondary to the symptoms with depression which has occured in small percentage of patients.  LASIK and other refractive surgeries can be great for most patients, you just need to understand whether you are in the category of "most patients".  Of course no one can be 100% sure of any outcome but it is your eye doctor's responsibility to educate you on the risks and benefits of any surgery so that you can make an educated decision.  LASIK has one of the lowerst complication rates of any eye surgery and if very helpful to most patients.  
Patients also need to be in the best surgical hands not the hands of the surgeon who spends the most money advertising his or her surgical skills or any other ability ranging from dancing to NASA approved or whatever else is the advertising catch phrase of the day.  That is where a good primary eyecare provider comes into play.  I have several surgeons in middle Tennessee who have long track records of providing safe and reliable LASIK and refractive surgery.  None of them advertise on TV because they don't need to do that to get patients.  They are well respected and get referrals without all of the hype.  
I have seen the LASIK complications from local surgeons who have told patients, your corneas are thin but I've performed LASIK successfully on thinner corneas and the patient ends up in my office with a rigid contact lens in one eye and a soft contact lens in the other when this local surgeon cut the patient too thin.  You only have two eyes, make sure you have an honest doctor who will provide you treatments benefits & risks and help you make the best decision for you, "The Patient!".  I try to treat every patient like family.  Then I know I am giving my best care.