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If you have been diagnosed with Keratoconus or you have had poor LASIK surgery, do not fret. There are solutions available to help you achieve your best visual correction no matter what you see today. The new generation of scleral contact lenses have been life changing for many of the patients with poor LASIK surgery or Keratoconus.  Don't accept the old line from the opthalmogogist saying "This is all we can do."  
Dr. Collins has had patients who could only see the big E through their best correction in eyeglasses or contact lenses. When the patient was fit in specialty contact lenses specific for the patient's condition most are able to see 20/20 again.
If you have Keratoconus, bad LASIK or poor laser surgery, call our office today and see if we can change your life...and help you see better!

This is a patient that Dr. Collins has helped after being told by numerous opthalmologists and optometrists that there was no help for him after a Nashville corneal specialist inserted INTACS in his corneas which only made his daily pain and vision worse.  When he walked into our clinic he was in so much pain that it was difficult to examine his eyes.  He was anxious and very apprehensive and not really very happy with anything in life at all.  After fitting this patient in scleral lenses, his vision improved to 20/20 with no pain.  It changed his life.  He now comes into the office joking, smiling, and loving life.  His family members have taken notice as well. And to think the corneal specialists in Nashville and other cities in the US told him that there was nothing else could be done!  Don't accept that as an answer.  Call Collins Eye Center!