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Dry Eyes : Advanced Treatments

My clinic is one of the few clinics in middle Tennessee to perform TearLab testing, Inflammadry testing for inflammatory dry eye, dye assessment of tear function and meibomian gland assessment in our Comprehensive Dry Eye Work Ups.   (Dry Eye Work Ups are typically covered by your medical insurance if you have met your deductible.  If you have not met your deductible, the charges will be applied to your deductible.) 
After your work up,  I will provide you with recommendations to address your particular dry eye problems.  I will start with simple treatments that are inexpensive and move up to the other treatments available as needed for each individual patient.  Dry Eye is very frustrating for the patient and doctor.  Sometimes we win the battles but never really win the war.  Dry Eyes can mean a lifetime of discomfort if not treated properly.  My goal is to eliminate symptoms without costly prescription medications and drops while saving the patient money compared to their previous treatments.