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Chalazion Removal & Stye Treatment

Chalazions manifest as a swollen, red, painless, bump on the eyelid. It happens when the eyelid’s oil gland clogs up. It may start as an internal hordeolum (stye) which can be painful. At first, you might not know you have a chalazion as there is little or no pain. But as it grows, your eyelid may get red, swollen, and sometimes tender to touch. If the chalazion gets large, it can press on your eye and cause blurry vision. Rarely, the whole eyelid might swell.
In many cases daily warm compresses will result in complete resolution within weeks to 30 days.  
Some chalazions will resolve with an injection of a steroid such as Kenalog. With a steroid injection there is a slight risk for skin depigmentation at the site of the injection especially in darkly pigmented skin.  The depigmentation usually resolves in one or two months.  
In recalcitrant cases where the chalazion does not resolve, excision and removal may be performed in the office.  In most cases an anesthetic is injected into the area and the chalazion is removed.  The patient is patched for 24 hours and given a topical antibiotic eyedrop to appy four times a day for one week.  In very rare cases, stitches(sutures) may be needed when performing this procedure.