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You See Your Dentist Every 6 Months...You See Your Optometrist Every???

Everyone has learned from an early age that one should see the dentist every 6 months for routine and preventative dental care.  Most parents take their children to the pediatrician at least once a year.  Most people see their primary care physicians once per year.  Most women see their gynecologist once per year.  And most people have their eyes checked how often and when?  Once per year?  Once every 2 years?  When their vision is blurry?  When they flunk the driver's license exam?

I would argue that you can get false teeth.  You can get a lot of things in the medical and healthcare arena but you can not get new eyes.  We are not at the Steve Austin, bionic man, ability just yet.  All of the young people reading will say who is that? 

Why are your eyes second fiddle?  I could lose my hearing tomorrow.  My wife says I have lost my hearing today.  I could be in a wheelchair,  I could have dentures, I could have a lot of surgery, but my eyes...they are worth a lot more than most people think.

One of the leading causes of learning problems in school is poor vision.  And most parents rely on the pediatrician to do a chart at the end of a long hall or some school screener.  Trust me, they have their importance but no screener at the pediatrician office will discover the things that can be at an eye exam.  Sorry, and my brother is a great pediatrician.   I know what they were taught in school and it is no substitute for an eye exam by an optometrist for health and vision related problems.

So my simple question to you today much are your eyes worth?  I paid $225 for a plumber to do 15 minutes of work on a drain last week.  How much are your eyes worth compared to other parts of your body that you know you could live without?  If I pay you $600 today to never put on a pair of contacts or eyeglasses again, what would you say.  Vision is everything.  It is how we experience the is how we experience is almost everything!

Take some time today and book an appointment and have your eyes checked.  It can change your life and the way you see things.