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Why Should You Purchase Your Contacts at Your Eye Doctor vs Online?

Internet sales of all products have affected many if not most industries in the world.  They can move products at low profit margins to make their money on volume with little if no customer service.  And it makes sense for patients to save money when they can.  I get it.  I do it.  Amazon has changed the world and will keep changing the world.  They have even beat Walmart in many ways. 
I still have not answered my initial question.  Should you purchase your contacts from your eye doctor’s office or online?  My answer is that depends.  If you get them from your eye doctor and for some reason your vision is fluctuation or changing, he or she can typically make the changes at no additional charge to you.  They can switch out the boxes quickly and credit you quickly and get you on with life.  Most online retailers don’t care if you have visual changes or have special visual needs because they are all about the quick and easy sell.  In those cases, you will be stuck buying more boxes of lenses.  And trust me it happens.  In my opinion purchasing from your eye doctor makes sense…especially if you have a history of fluctuating vision or diabetes.
At Collins Eye Center, the price per box is with in $1-4/box of the prices available at 1-800 Contacts.  And in most purchases if you get the annual supply, the rebates at Collins Eye Center will save you more than you will save with shipping and handling at 1-800 Contacts.  The perception is that 1-800 Contacts is cheaper when they are not in most cases when you look at the rebates in addition to shipping.
I have always said, “I want to be your eye doctor first.  If you get eyeglasses or contacts from me…great!  If you don’t then…great!  I want to be your eye doctor!”  Therefore I will match prices on contacts when I can and I will always be your eye doctor!