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New Year, New You!

A new year comes with a lot of anticipation and anxiety over resolutions made and resolutions failed from one's past.  This year you can make a resolution which will not be a "Fail".  If you have droopy eyelids and fine wrinkles around your eyes and on your face, Pelleve might be the solution you are looking for when it comes to seeing better and looking your best.  Pelleve is a wrinkle reduction treatment that uses radiofrequency technology to heat the deep layers of skin, which helps stimulate the natural regeneration of your own collagen.  No anesthesia or injections are used during the procedure.  Pelleve is virtually painless with most patients reporting the treatment feels like a hot stone massage.   It is recommended for all skin phototypes with mild to moderate facial wrinkles who would like to revitalize their skin for a smoother, more youthful look.  Tell your clinician if you have a pacemaker, defibrillator implant, or auto-immune disease as the Pelleve procedure may not be right for you.  Although some patients report visible results with a little as one treatment, a series of monthly treatments is recommended with yearly touch-ups for optimal results.  Results may be seen in 24 hours however the process of regeneration collagen takes time.  Results will continue to improve over several months.  NO SURGERY.  NO INJECTIONS. NO DOWNTIME.  REAL RESULTS.  
The photo above is a patient from Collins Eye Center after one treatment.  She responded really well.  Most patients need 3-5 treatments to get this type of response.  She is one of our prize Pelleve patients.  You might be the next.  Call our office for your FREE consultation today!